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You’ll Need a License

You’ll need an Arizona Game & Fish fishing license so make sure you get yours before the trip.   Click here for more information.

Flathead Ed provides all the gear, tackle and bait!  You’ll just need a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, food, drinks and a pillow.


Lake Pleasant Day Tours
$300 per day/per person

Lake Pleasant Info

Bartlett Lake Day Tours
$350 per day/per person
2:00 pm (afternoon) – 8:00 am (morning)
Price Includes: All tackle, gear and bait, Flathead Ed Hat

Bartlett Info
PARK DIRECTIONS & INFO http://www.bartlettlake.com/content/directions.html

Weather Forecast

Arizona Fishing License Information

Flathead Ed’s Pontoon Boat

It features a fold-out cot, recliner, a coffee pot and a private porta potty. There are misting systems and cloth covers along the sides for shade. Flathead Ed says: “On a 118-degree day on Lake Pleasant last summer, it was 82 in the boat.

What You’ll Experience 

Breath taking scenic views.  Flathead Ed will give you  lessons on the art of casting, presenting the bait, locating fishing spots, and secrets to Flathead cat fishing only Flathead Ed knows! Call 623-256-7245 today for reservations.

What to Bring

Flathead Ed provides all the gear, tackle and bait!  We’ll also give you a Flathead Ed Hat.  Depending on the time of year, you’ll need to prepare differently.  In the summer, you’ll need a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, light jacket, food, drinks, snacks and a pillow and a plastic bag to protect your pillow during the day from the cooling misters.  In the colder months, you will need jackets, socks, a sleeping bag, gloves, food, drinks, snacks. NOTE:  Glass bottles are not permitted on the lake.  You will also need $6 for the Lake parking pass.  Make sure you print out a lake map to ensure you know how to navigate to the dock of departure.

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